Works and Technical services BFP report

Presentation Over view
 Department Objectives/ Mandate.
 Back ground (Staffing Levels, Funding Source, Equipment, Roads & Bridges Net work.)
 Sector Financial Performance for 2018/19 and quarter one to date of FY 2019/20.
 Physical Performance for FY 2018/19 and 1st Quarter to date of FY 2019/20 against the annual planned activities.
 Challenges Faced.
 Planned Activities for 2020/21.
 Local Economic Growth Support (LEGS Projects) .
 Sector Unfunded Priorities.

Presentation Over view
Sector Over all Objective;
 To effect sustainable infrastructure development compliant to natural disaster and at optimal costs.
 Infrastructure development:
 Roads and other transport systems.
 Water supply systems.
 Buildings and other vertical systems.
 Electricity mainly at house installation level.

Funding Source
a.Direct from GOU ©:
Roads and Bridges Maintenance;- under Uganda Road Fund (URF) for Periodic, Routine Mechanized and Routine Manual maintenance of District, Urban and Community
Access Roads (CAR’s).
b.Water & Sanitation; under Ministry of Water and Environment ©.
c.DDEG -District Discretionary Equalization Grant (formerly LRDP), for bridges, Buildings and other
vertical systems.
Other Funding Interventions;
b.From GOU but through MoWT Force Account Programme ©;-
For Rehabilitation of Interconnectivity Roads and Bridges.
e.Development Partners: Save the Children, Baylor-Uganda, UNICEF.

Physical Performance Q1 FY2019-2020

1: Road assessment, and Operation of Periodic Maintenance
[Spot grading, shaping & spot gravelling within 5.5km out of
32.5km of Rwebisengo- Rwangara road under force account. 26,950,000 Works Ongoing. With
challenges of rainfall and grader
2: Completed Payment for Kakogha & Rwensenene bridge
rehabilitation. 42,159,535 Works Completed, and the
completion certificate paid.
3: Routine Manual maintenance of District feeder roads of
Nombe- Wanka (21.5km), Kachwamba- Itale- Mirambi
(11km), Nyabikungu- Kyamutema (11.5km) and Ibanda I-
Ibanda II (7km) using the labor gangs.. 14,262,000 Completed FY2018-19 payment
for April, May & June.

Office Operations involving a number of activities like Road Condition survey, Bridges inspection and Inventory, Budgeting and reporting and workshops and trainings

9,570,000 Effectively Conducted the activities. However, we did not conduct DRC meeting due to funds constraints and time.

Planned Activities for Q2, 3 &4 FY 2019-2020
 Routine Manual Maintenance of the selected Roads with Road Gangs already recruited. (Kyamutema 9.2km, Ibanda 7.0km, Nombe – Wanka 11.5km Ramabale – Rwebisengo 18.3km).
 Periodic Maintenance of Rwebisengo – Rwangara road in Q4 with the remaining balance on the budget.
 Evaluation, Award of Contract & hence Commencement of Construction of ARMCO culvert bridge at Katiti on Kyabukunguru – Rwenyna road.
 Attend to Emergency Repairs on Broken culvert Bridge crossing Wanka stream on Kacwamaba
– Itale road.
 Construction of Security gate house and Installation of rainwater harvesting at District Headquarters.
 Procurement of tyres for Fuso Dump trucks (one by district and two by Four Town Councils).

Planned Priorities For FY 2020 - 2021

 Routine Manual Maintenance of the selected Roads with Road Gangs already recruited. (Kyamutema 9.2km, Ibanda 7.0km, Nombe – Wanka 11.5km & Ramabale – Rwebisengo 18.3km).
 Periodic Maintenance of Rwebisengo – Rwangara road in a phased approach (Target 5km full Gravel and rising).
 Installation of Solar security Lamp at District HQ.
 Procurement of tyres for Motor Grader.
 Material Testing and Traffic Assessment.

 Inadequate funding for the Sector that has made Infrastructure maintenance cripple. FY 2018-2019 budget release was at 100% (Ush 375,619,000 which has been cut to IPF 2019/20 at 257 million)
 Poor planning as influenced by diversity in community demands. (this has resulted into scattering of resources that yield little or no tangible results).
 Flat terrain in the lower Rift valley sub-counties of Rwebisengo, Butungama, Bweramule and Kanara that is associated seasonal flooding. This has significantly increased the cost of road construction.
The cost per Km of doing a road in these areas to District Class I is Ush 220million compared to Ush 75 million in
the high lands (Karugutu & Nombe areas).
 Scarce gravel material for gavelling works that makes the haulage distance long increasing the cost per
kilometre of periodic maintenance ( Average cost to full gravel is Ush 27 million according to URF 2019 budget guidelines at haulage
distance of max 10km), however, our haulage distance stands at average 45km for Rwebisengo Rwangara road.

 Mobility of Vibro roller due to lack of lowbed carrier.


 It is very difficult to achieve household income and hence Country’s presumed target of taking off without proper infrastructure network in the district.
 Access to Markets, social services and farmlands is still a very big challenge. With nearly all the road networks impassable.
 Works and Technical department (roads sector) is strongly committed to review planning methods in order to effectively appropriate minimum available funds to efficient use.
 We need your cooperation, collaboration, commitment and support in the development of an integrated and sustainable transport system that will continue to propel national economic growth.


Monday, November 4, 2019