Mr. Anselm Kyaligonza

Chief Administrative Officer

I welcome you to Ntoroko District information Portal.
Ntoroko District was created by Act of the Ugandan Parliament and became operational on 1st July, 2010. Prior to that, the district was part of Bundibugyo District.
Ntoroko District is located West of the Rwenzori Mountains. It is one of two Ugandan districts, so located; the other being Bundibugyo District, from which Ntoroko District was split, in 2010. Ntoroko District is bordered by the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the West and North, Hoima District to the Northeast, Kibaale District to the East, Kabarole District to the South and Bundibugyo District to the Southwest. The coordinates of the district are: 01 06N, 30 24E.
Ntoroko District is comprised of 10 administrative units constituted by 6 Sub Counties and 4 Town Councils. The six Sub-Counties include; Kanara, Rwebisengo, Karugutu, Nombe, Butungama and Bweramule Sub-Counties and the four Town Councils include Kanara, Rwebisengo, Karugutu and Kibuku Town Councils.
The predominant ethnicities are the Batuuku and the Bakonjo and the other minority ethnicities include the Batooro, Bakiga, Banyoro, Bamba, Banyankole, and the Banyarwanda.

District Vision:
“A Health and Productive Population with less than ten percent (10%) below the poverty line by the year 2020”.

District Mission:
“To have a sustainable social economic development for the people of Ntoroko in line with Government Priorities and the local aspirations”

The District acknowledges the national priorities like Prosperity for all, UPE and USE and has re-oriented its priorities to the national ones as below:
• Consolidation and Improvement of universal primary and Secondary Education.
• Infrastructure Development and Sustainability
• Enhancing Primary Health Care
• Providing the requisite infrastructure for delivery of micro finance in all sub counties
• Value addition through Investing in Agro-processing and marketing
• Improving the investment climate
• Security and Disaster Management
• Vulnerable and the Special Interest Groups.

Thank you.

Mr. Kyaligonza Anselm
Chief Administrative Officer