Hon. Kasoro Williams

District Chairperson

Message from the District Chairperson
Dear mothers, fellow country men and all well-wishers, I welcome you to Ntoroko district information portal. Ntoroko District is located in the western region of Uganda bordered by the districts of Kibaale in the Northeast, Kabarole in the East and Southeast, the Bundibugyo District, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to the West, and Lake Albert to the North.
The District covers a total area of approximately 1,360. Square kilometres that is made up of mountains, forests, national parks, forest reserves, game reserves, water bodies and agriculture as in the table below:

Table Showing Approximate Land area Coverage.
Cover Area Percentage
Waters, Swamps and Rivers 353 26
Mountains, Forests (including parks) 326 24
Game reserves 136 10
Agriculture/Farm land 544 40
Total 1,360

Part of the above, the District is endowed with Lake Albert in Kanara Sub county, River Semuliki in Bweramule and Rwebisengo Sub counties, Semuliki National Park, in Karana and Rwebisengo Sub counties, Mount Rwenzori covering Karugutu S/county. It has flat plains in Rwebisengo, Butungama and Bweramule S/counties. It is evident from the above data that mountains, forests and game parks, followed by waters, swamps and rivers cover a very large part of the district, leaving a small portion for Animal and Crop farming.

Ntoroko District is geared towards strengthening service delivery initiatives as a means to fostering social economic transformation in line with government priorities and the local aspirations. The district has vast potential for greater outputs based on sustainable and efficient use of prevailing resources being mindful of climate change mitigation.
Since its creation in 2010, so many achievements have been made amidst challenges faced due to resource and funding constraints which more often compromise interventions and desired outputs that would otherwise have fast tracked progress towards poverty eradication. Nevertheless, lessons have been learnt during the execution of our respective roles which call for deliberate efforts being directed towards harnessing the involvement of communities, friends and partners in joining hands and focusing on a “renewed Ntoroko” as a destination for investment since it offers diverse opportunities.
The district is committed more than ever for pursuing a private sector led strategy in form of a Public Private Partnership especially in areas of high opportunity for quick gains while ensuring equitable service delivery.
I therefore, appeal to all stakeholders especially the private sector and development partners to envisage the information on this portal so as to complement the district efforts. Such strong partnership will bind us together, give us confidence, and collectively, success will be achieved as we strive to improve the quality of life on a broader perspective we can say the standards of living of our people.

I remain

Kasoro Williams
District Chairperson LCV
Ntoroko District